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Misato Katsuragi
Freedom Planet 2 Heroes
Sonic Head
Jenny Wakeman (XJ-9)
Green Hill Zone
Classic Rouge
Classic Blaze
Dick Tracy Key Art
Sally Acorn
Nobla is Left Behind
Nobla Blua Sango
Feline Highschool Line-up
Dick Tracy
Natalia Loyal Clean-Up Sheet
Leon Kennedy
Big Boy Caprice
Military Propaganda Sketch
Angelia and Kaleo Sketches

What Clients think

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Commissioning Matt was, overall, a very pleasant experience. The prices are reasonable and proportionate to the quality of the work you get back, and the waiting time flies by as he keeps you informed on everything that is happening in the commission. I recommend him to friends whenever I can.

He is a great artist and very nice to work with!

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Matt is very polite! I remember him being very at task with the commission, showing me a lot of WIPs and sketches making sure if everything was all right and if anything had to be changed, being super cool if it was the case. He was lenient with me paying in portions which I still really appreciate.

Overall, he was a really nice dude to commission, and I was really happy with the outcome and talking to him throughout the process!

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