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About Me

I, Matheus Freitas, am a professional Illustrator and Concept Artist with over 2 years of experience working in the video games and animation industries.

Versatile, efficient and with a strong understanding of the art fundamentals, I am a smart worker that goes out of his way to make high-quality art pieces, taking creative time-saving approaches that benefit from my vast experience with industry-standard software acquired since back when I was a twelve-year-old fueled by curiosity.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro – Brazil –, I loved cartoons and video games just like a kid does, except that I maybe loved them a bit more than usual. I was always an artistic person, playing music with toy instruments, making beats with whatever I had access to at the moment and almost failing 5th grade because I would focus more on drawing than in class.

Back then, I wanted to become a manga artist. However, I changed my mind later on to game design, which I thought was what I wanted to do for a living as an adult. That was until I attended the 12-month-long Game Arts 1.0 course at RedZero in Rio at the age of 16 and realized that drawing and painting are way more fun!

I always wanted to build my career abroad, and that’s what I did when I came to Canada at the age of 19, leaving my family, friends, cats, and piano behind to chase my dream. I came as a Concept Art student at Vancouver Film School, where I worked very hard so I could later go to Langara as a 2D Animation student to work just as hard again.

It was during all that hard work that I gradually got into the industry. I started working with startup game studios, which lead me to make art as a freelancer for bigger clients such as Navigator Games and Riot Forge, until I finally started my career in the animation industry as a Background Artist at Mainframe.

I am now a reliable, responsible, and organized professional, with a strong work ethic and time management skills. I enjoy working in a team full of talented and inspiring people with whom I can learn and always aim to be helpful by creating awesome art and making my peers’ work easier.

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