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Good Time Management • Disciplined • Efficient • Responsible • Team player • Fast-pace environment

Illustration • Character Design • Prop Design • Environment Design • Digital Painting • Basic Digital Sculpting







Freelance Environment Designer

SPSeal Game Studio

Sept 2019 | Dec 2019

- Designed blocks of land (composed of rocks, dirt, grass and props) for their sidescroller endless runner game with randomly generated levels called "Catch!";

- Did several sketches exploring different patterns for the land blocks and waterfall;

- Did several sketches experimenting with different bush and rock shapes;

- Made daytime variations, colour tests and material sheets;

- After design approval, I rendered all of the environment elements designed;

- Created assets with the goal of making the texturing work of the 3D artists easier and more consistent, alongside videos, images and callouts explaining how to put those assets together;

- Assisted in character design with exploration sketches and drawovers on the 3D artist's model, writing feedback notes;

- Consistently attended weekly meetings, updating my peers on the progress made, getting and giving feedback, consulting 3D artists, programmers, director and suggesting approaches for achieving goals;

- Improved the organization of files, created a mission statement (previously absent) and started a rough Art Bible, encouraging the other artists to contribute to it with their work and the director to check if the information written there matches the mission statement and general look of the game.


Vertice Games

Freelance Character Designer

Dec 2017 | Jan 2018

- Did several sketches exploring different styles, types of faces, physical attributes and outfits for 2 main characters of the 3D game.

- Created character turnarounds to be reference by 3D modeller, while suggesting time and money-saving approaches to the client for achieving his goals with quality.

Spark CG


Oct 2018| Present

- Assisted in the organization and operation of the VIP room during both Spark Animation 2018 and 2019, attended by the greatest professionals in the animation industry, such as Glen Keane, Sergio Pablos, Chris Buck, Kevin Lima, Bonnie Arnold and more;

- In the VIP room, my duties included furniture arrangement according to the leader's direction, restocking drinks in the ice bowl, access control to the area and updating the guests with information about screenings, talks, delays, and more;

- Assisted in Crowd Control on the opening night of Spark Animation 2019;

- Worked in Sandro Cleuzo's Masterclass, assisting in the event's organization and handing a microphone to attendees for Q&A.


Business Foundations - Certificate

SELC Career College

Nov 2019 | Feb 2020 

- Learned the foundations of Business and International Trade;

- In teams, I developed a Business Plan and a Market Strategy Project, leading teammates, giving feedback and assigning tasks to ensure completion of the projects within the deadline.

Animation Concept Art Program - Diploma with Honours

Vancouver Film School

Aug 2018 | Aug 2019 

- Graduated  with Honours;

- Gained experience with industry-standard software;

- Acquired skills in Character, Prop, Vehicle and Environment Design.

Game Arts 1.0 Program - Certificate

Red Zero Brazil

Jun 2015 | Jun 2016

- Learned the foundations for Game Design and 3D Modelling;

- Learned the Art Fundamentals;

- Gained experience with character build and cut-out animation in Spriter;

- As a leader, developed and Art Bible for a game in a group;

- Developed a game prototype.

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