Good Time Management • Disciplined • Efficient • Responsible • Works well in groups • Works well under pressure

Illustration • Character Design • Prop Design • Environment Design • Digital Painting • Basic Digital Sculpting










Freelance Environment Designer

SPSeal Game Studio

Sept 2019 | Dec 2019

Worked remotely on their endless runner, procedurally generated video game project called "Catch!" doing environment concept art and designing environment elements that appears in the screen as the player progresses in the randomly generated level.


Worked on environment separated in blocks that can be easily placed in the scene. Also assisted in textures, materials and character design.

Vertice Games

Freelance Character Designer

Dec 2017 | Jan 2018

Worked as a Freelancer for Vertice Games designing playable characters for a 3D video-game.

Spark CG


Oct 2018| Present

Worked in Spark Film Festival in 2018 helping in the VIP room where professionals of the animation industry gathered for food and drinks and in Spark Animation Conference 2018, attended by professionals such as Ted Mathot and Academy Award-winning director Lou Hamou-Lhadj. I also worked in Sandro Cleuzo’s (Disney and Don Bluth animator) Masterclass in september 2019.


Animation Concept Art Program - Diploma with Honours

Vancouver Film School

Aug 2018 | Aug 2019 

Attended the Animation Concept Art program, specializing in concept art in general, creating designs for environments, props, vehicles and characters. Also learned Toon Boom Harmony and the basics of 3D Sculpting in ZBrush.

Game Arts 1.0 Program - Certificate

Red Zero Brazil

Jun 2015 | Jun 2016

Learned about the basics of game design, 3D Modelling for games,the art fundamentals, concept art for games (designing characters, props and UI), cut-out animation in Spriter and the basics of game creation in Construct 2.

Coumputer Graphics Program - Certificate

Seven: Computação Gráfica

Feb 2012 | Oct 2015

Learned a large variety of Adobe software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Animate. I also acquired basic experience in Autodesk Maya and basic knowledge in Web Design, HTML/CSS and ActionScript.

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